Monday, October 3, 2011


The wonderful and talented Tresa Black, a sister CTMH consultant is hosting BlogtoberFest over at her wonderful blog at Fabulously Artsy. If you've never checked out her blog, you MUST go see it. BUT fair warning, don't go until you have a few hours to spend there! There is sooooo much to see, of note is my personal favorite her Make a Wish pop up interactive scrapbook. She made this to enter into the 2011 CTMH convention scrapbook contest--and of course took first place! Take a minute and watch the video below--it will blow you away!

Wasn't that amazing!!!!

OK now back to BlogtoberFest? What is it you ask, well it's a callenge of sorts for bloggers, to set a goal for thier blog and step it up! My goal is to post more often, as well as get a little more inventive in my blog (actually take the time to learn how to do some more things with it!) So Blogtoberfest will help me becuase Tresa will be posting tips and tricks to share with us over the month. I've started the month off right just by figuring out how to post her video on my blog!! Yay me! So stay tuned to watch as I learn and grow in the bogging world!

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  1. I love this interactive book too :)
    I also love the name of your blog...very clever!