Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chief Scout Award

(this is the Yap portion of my blog, but of course I'll fit a little crafty stuff into it)

We were so proud of our son this past June when he received his Chief Scout Award, the highest award a Scout can receive. I won't get into what this involved, but trust me when I say it took allot of work and commitment on my son's part, and was the cumulation of his 8 years in Scouting. (A mother has the right to brag a little right? If you don't think so you might as well just stop reading now).

He was one of only 3 Scouts that have received this award in the last 30 years in our home town! What an honour. This is such a big deal in Scouting that they do an area award ceremony in Toronto for any Scout receiving this award every June. Unfortunately, it fell on the same day as my son's Confirmation at church. His leaders still wanted to make it special for him so they made sure to have some "brass" from Scouts Canada attend our annual end of the year BBQ to make the official presentation. I also didn't end up with many really good pictures from the event, as my eyes were filled with tears of pride and I couldn't really see what I was taking pictures of. ( I should have handed the camera off!!!) My pictures run the gamete of, eyes closed to looking the wrong way! So here is one of the better pictures....

See what I mean...not the best expression! But in this next shot you can see how very proud he is.

(here's my crafty contribution....)

So I made some desserts to share with everyone and wanted to make them special, so I borrowed my friends Cricut cake machine and cut some Fleur-de-lis out of fondant to decorate some Brownies I had made. They were a huge hit.

Just looking at these pictures again, has my mouth watering!!! And they were as yummy as they look.
I will be sure to post my layout of this event once I do it. I'm still struggling with how to do the layout with pictures that I'm not overly happy with, and still express the pride I had! I'm thinking the journaling will have to be stellar.

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