Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catching up with Studio J!!!

Thank Heaven for Studio J!!!
Having gone back to work full time after pretty much being home for the last 2.5 years, I'm finding it a struggle to keep up with my scrappin! Who am I kidding, I've never been caught up, considering I didn't start to scrap until my kids were 3 and 8, I was behind the 8 ball right from the get go. So every once in a while, I do some layouts digitally in Studio J, just to be able to finish off an ablum. As was the case this weekend, I finally got around to taking the finished layouts out of my work in progress ablum, and organizing them into thier permanent home. There were a few holes--I knew extactly which layouts/pictures I wanted in the album, so I left empty page protectors with sticky notes to "save the spot". Then sat down to get them done in Studio J.

Without further delay, here they are.......

this first one was completely lifted from one that consultants that attended the Studio J boot camp were taught during that convention. I knew as soon as I saw it I would be lifting it for these great wedding shots.

The rest I created in Studio J, using their templates. In under an hour I had them all done! I will be adding some traditional embelishments to some of these layouts when I recieve the finished product.

thanks for stopping by and I will endevour to get into my scrap room more often and come and share my creations.

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